We are all human beings. We are in this together. We should never forget that.

This is a short list of things we value to help us remember:

Accepting responsibility over Passing blame onto others

Voicing your opinion over Staying silent

Sharing knowledge freely over Hording it for yourself

Offering an empathetic ear over Pretending to listen

Helping your fellow humans over Looking out only for yourself

Sticking up for a friend over Fear

Forgiving when forgiveness is earned over Holding grudges

Trying to better yourself over Thinking you don't need to

That is to say, the things on the left should be valued over the things on the right.

This list is in no ways perfect. It is simply a list of things that I have personally experienced in recent months, and felt the need to spew into written form. If this list inspires you in any small way, great.

Please remember, that everyone is deserving of at least a chance to enjoy life. No one is perfect. We are all just trying to figure things out.