Charles Hill(aka., "chill")

Programmer, developer, builder.

Years of professional experience working for start-ups in Europe and the United States; long-time open-source contributor; and co-creator of the Bleskomat a next generation Bitcoin Lightning ATM.

Web and Mobile Apps

I have years of experience developing complex web and mobile applications, from start to finish. You can read more about some of my most notable projects.

Hardware Projects

While designing and developing the Bleskomat Bitcoin Lightning ATM hardware project, I have jumped into a new software and hardware ecosystem - micro-controller programming, printed circuit board design, wood and steel case fabrication.

Sharing Knowledge

I love teaching and learning from others. For several years, I organized a programming meetup in Prague, focused on learning new things by working on interesting projects.

Conferences + Talks

In recent years, I've given talks and presentations at conferences as well as organized hands-on workshops about bitcoin, security, and hardware projects.

Freedom + Cooperation

Paralelní Polis is a cafe, hackerspace, coworking, and event space in Prague, Czech Republic. It is a great place to develop communities and projects that help to empower people to live a peaceful, thoughtful existence.

Exploration and Travel

What better way to test one's limits and to gain new experiences?